Watching a child hold its head erect when before it couldn’t, hearing from a Mom or Grandma that their three year old starting sipping water for the first time and a week later starts on soft baby foods, or eyes opening and a face smiling on a child that never did before, these are the things that keep us pushing to get to more children.

We have been rewarded with saving 98 year old ladys leg, that had already been measured and marked for amputation. We have smiled and enjoyed the warmth of watching a lady that had had a stroke a couple years prior, be able to walk further and progress to the point she could move out of the facility where she had been living and move back with her family. We are moved by these accomplishments and it was nice that the older lady lived to just over 101 and still kept that leg, but when we change the quality of LIFE in a child, we know that that child, the entire family and that quality improvement is for decades and decades.

Not magicians, just treating with pure oxygen under pressure. That breath of Life turning on cells is so simple. It puts into motion chemical, and biological actions that are very complex, but the therapy is not complex. When done with proper protocols, this is one of the few areas of medicine where side effects are nil and the up side is sometimes unbelievable.

While you can live a while without food, and hours without water – Try living 5 minutes without oxygen!