Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Enhancing Neurological Progress
By Albert G. Reach

Our quest is not helped by the “no patent, no promotion” culture in which we live. This is true to doctors as well as the general public. When there is little incentive to promote a medical protocol, it is neglected. As parents and caregivers it’s up to us to make certain that all that can be done, has been. We must dig, investigate, and ask questions. If not pushed by drug companies and vested interests and not taught in medical schools, we won’t necessarily learn all our options. We are dedicated to our loved ones. Rewards and satisfaction of helping them are earned by diligence, enormous responsibility and vigilance.

This is evident when we look into the medical uses of breathing 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. For decades, clinical evidence and research has proved the benefits of the judicious use of this simple technology. Germany, England, Russia, Japan, and China are way ahead of us routinely using Hbot with many conditions, including (though not limited to) Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, near drowning, and stroke.

Slowly, it has increasingly become available in the U.S. So, why? What is it?

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is the breathing of 100% oxygen while in a chamber under pressure slightly above normal. Oxygen, a gas at this time, dissolves directly into the plasma while saturating the red blood cells. The oxygen that is used by tissues must be in the fluids and this method delivers up to ten times the amount that the red blood cells can deliver if they can get through (which in many conditions, can not). Often, neurological wound damage comes from the cascade of events following reduced blood flow and lack of oxygen. However, among the damaged cells, there are idling cells: cells that have had enough oxygen to remain alive but not enough to “fire” and fully function. We see improvement after a non-fatal stroke. As the initial swelling goes down, circulation improves, delivering enough oxygen for some these sleeping or idling cells to start up again. Then, when we dissolve oxygen into the plasma (under pressure), the vasoconstriction takes even more pressure away while at the same time floods the cells with the oxygen. During hyperbaric oxygen treatments more of these cells are “kick started”. Another function of oxygen under pressure is that it can establish new capillaries, so our improvements are not lost.

HbOT is an adjunctive procedure that works well with standard treatments and does not compete with them. Don’t assume your Doctor is familiar or been exposed to everything, because most professionals have not been taught about the effects that hyperbaric oxygenation can produce. We still don’t see it routinely available. However, motivated individuals are opening many freestanding, non hospital facilities making it as available and affordable as possible. This is amazing, safe, and simple. It helps and that’s what counts.
We now have the internet. Read, learn and be pro-active in your destiny. Folks are here to help!


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