I have been in the world of helping folks since I began my internship in 1960. Let me share with you the great gift that this life has given me. It took me a long time to realize the value of this gift, so I share it here with you, lest you waste more life without realizing the gift we have been given.

First let me preface this with my view of love. I believe, “THE LOVE YOU FEEL IS THE LOVE YOU GIVE AWAY.”

Have you ever had a relationship where the other person expressed love or was in love with you and you weren’t in love them? Probably you have. You saw it. Okay, but did you FEEL IT? So then, what is this great gift and how do we find it in our own lives?

For those of us that give much to others, (Moms, Dads, supporting friends and extended family) especially, eventually realize that they are better for their efforts. We do it because we choose to whether we chose it because we saw no other way, because someone needed us, wanted to be a martyr or hero, makes no difference. The circumstances that test us often bring out the best of us or make us better people that we might not have brought out without that need. Sometimes it takes longer for someone who chooses to be a Doctor, Nurse or Therapist because they may be just busy doing their job. Then, we realize what a privilege it is to watch someone getting better. Then, we find that it more satisfying then most other activities. Work is therapeutic but this is more than that.

It has been a wonderful gift, being able to serve others. As we love others, we love ourselves. Think about it. We’ve all heard “Love your neighbor as yourself”. That’s harder to do, put that way but it seems to be easier to observe the reason, (gratitude?) to love those others and all of a sudden you’ve come to love yourself. In our humanity, it easy to over weigh the things of which we may not be so proud. Hey, that’s the being a human. Don’t be so egocentric, you’re more like others than you know. But now, look at the gift given you.

Our patients allow us to be a positive part of their lives. What a gift. How much we have been given.

Thank you all for this GREAT GIFT. We cherish the joy and love we get to feel, because you allow us to serve you.

This may be a good time to give your loved one the gift of Hyperbaric Oxygen adjunctive care. Turning on more neurons and healing for them may just be a GREAT GIFT for you too.

Love ya! Dr. Al