Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has really helped my long covid. I definitely recommend Lori and this facility. The tank is comfortable and seems very well made to allow it to get to high pressure. You get one hour in the tank with quality oxygen but every time I’ve gone it’s flown by. There are up to 6 people inside with you and I’ve never had a dull session. Lots of people are there for a wide range of issues (injury, PTSD, long covid, stroke, etc) and it’s interesting hearing their stories. Lori is a true professional and knows everything about hyperbaric chambers. I’ve enjoyed speaking with her during our sessions and you will not find a more genuine person anywhere. Prices are reasonable and she has the equipment to help alleviate pressure when going up for those who are worried or get discomfort with pressure. If you have been considering it, just do it! I am very glad I did.
— Eric M.
Just wanted to update you on how I’m doing! I did 4 hyperbaric dives with you, and after doing so my pain and inflammation from the torn ligament in my ankle felt much better. After the hyperbaric treatment, I did an MRI, which showed I had a complete tear in my ankle ligament. So I have started physical therapy to strengthen all of the muscles around my ankle to get everything else strong. So although the actual ligament can’t heal due to the nature of the injury, I’m still grateful I did hyperbaric because it helped the rest of my foot feel so much better and have less inflammation! So thank you for everything! — Rachel L.
Thank you both for making a very traumatic experience for me tolerable. I sincerely appreciate your patience and kindness throughout the entire process! You made my daughter feel welcomed and you accommodated her by taking over your waiting room for her schoolwork. My husband, aka “Honey Bunny”, also enjoyed meeting you very much! Most importantly, the treatments really helped me heal and recover from my brain injury. You provide an invaluable service and should feel very proud to be a part of that! — With love, Rae M.
I can’t say enough good things about this place. Laurie and Sid are absolutely the best most caring honest professional people I have EVER known in my life. There are no two people in the world I know that can hold a candle to these two and that’s BEFORE they saved my life-which they did. If you go to any other place let me tell you you’re making a mistake. They make you feel so welcomed and comfortable they are truly down-to-earth people and experts at what they do, they have it down to a science and know more about what they are doing than any other place in the state.
— Michelle
I have had a great experience with this company, the owners Lori and Sid are very knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. My father had a stroke 3 months ago and he has had around 50 sessions so far he is doing extremely well and making great progress. Lori and her company have been a Godsend to our family. — Bradley G.
After 2 surgeries for rectal cancer I was blessed to be able to go to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Arizona I wasn’t able to sit properly because if an open wound and Lori and Sid worked with me to see that I was comfortable. I healed with the help of this therapy quickly and doing chemotherapy at the same time I am sure this is what made that more tolerable. I recommend this to anyone that has an open wound or any illness. They truly care about their clients. — Debra P.
The people were great and the therapy really helped. Thank you. — Michael P.
INCREDIBLE!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I went in completely exhausted from a busy schedule dealing with one non-stop crisis after another and on top of that having to be up almost all night the night before my treatment to deal with a storm back home that had caused part of my roof to cave in while workers were working on it. But I came out of an hour and a half oxygen treatment feeling fantastic! My skin looked as if I had just done hours of aerobic exercise and I was ready to tackle anything – so much so that I went home and booked a flight to the East Coast for a conference the following day! This is a conference I had told everyone there was NO WAY I would be able to make due to complete exhaustion. I loved it so much that I think it would be wonderful to live close by in order to have regular treatments for life! — Ann B.
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